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Why I LOVE 365 Projects (and think you should start one too)

These are my favourite images to look back on. The ones where my kids have clearly dressed themselves, the ones where the day was slow but held beautiful little moments in between our regular list of things to do, the ones that take me right back to that day and hold memories that would have been a blur otherwise. I love these photographs. so much.

I really didn't have an inspiring reason for starting my first 365 project in 2018, it was just something new to do. I had no idea how much it would impact my photography or my heart. My skills improved so much in that first year and I began to see more beauty in the slow, simple, everyday moments. After that first year, I was hooked.

I'm gonna be honest...2020's 365 project was not my best effort. I think you can guess why I struggled a bit this year, but overall it wasn't a complete failure. I have a folder that holds 700 images from our year and there are many, many favourites. Despite the disappointments and heartache that came with this year, it also held a lot of joy - I can't say I hated 2020. I'm thankful for the year we had and I am thankful that I can look back on it and remember the moments that I chose to photograph.

I wanted to share some of my favourite shots from this year and also encourage you to start your own 365 project. Even if you aren't a professional photographer, I can pretty much guarantee you have a camera on your phone that is capable of taking beautiful photos for you. Start by creating a separate folder on your phone or computer to store images specifically from this project, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the end of the year when you look back and see not only how much your photography skills have improved, but also the days you now remember more clearly because you stopped and took the picture.

I hope that these images inspire you to start your own 365 Project, and if they don't I hope you still enjoy looking at them. (and I know we're already 5 days into January, but its not too late to begin.)

...and now in no particular order, here are some more of my fave shots from 2020:

You can find more of my 365 photos on my instagram account, I don't share every single image I take, but I try to keep up with sharing my faves. Let me know if you decide to start your own 365 project, I'd love to follow along!

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