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Beautiful Chaos.

10-ish years ago the last thing I would have wanted to do was photograph families.

I would have told you that I didn't even really want kids, that family life wasn't for me and I would have described in depth to you my aspirations of dressing the rich and famous in designer clothing...yep. I pursued my dream by completing my Fashion Merchandising course at Blanche Macdonald in Vancouver, believing that my future would be full of glamour and that glamour would in turn fill up my heart. Wow... was I ever wrong.

My oldest daughter came into my life by surprise in 2011 and although I was completely terrified, my heart began to transform. The day she was born I was introduced to the joy I had been running from and looking back, I can't understand why I'd run from one of the most incredible things my heart could hold.

Watching my kids grow has been exciting (and pretty hilarious - kids are so funny) and surprisingly, I have grown right along with them. Motherhood isn't just this messy, exhausting thing the memes all over social media try to scare you away from - I promise. Its this beautiful chaos that brings the most rewarding happiness you'll only fully understand when you look into the eyes of that little person God gives you. I spend a lot of time attempting to grab ahold of these moments and take them in. I desperately try to absorb every little detail, wishing I could stop time, trying to convince myself I won't forget the little things and I really hope I don't... I am so thankful for photographs.

I dabbled in many different types of photography and landed here: capturing families in the many different seasons of their life, filled with gratitude every time a family chooses me to photograph them and finding so much joy in freezing these precious moments for you to treasure.

I love the way a mom holds her children - from a newborn baby to her teenager that is now taller than her - the way they comfort and protect with their whole heart. I love the way that dads engage so naturally with their sons and daughters, loving them unconditionally and unafraid to be a little (or a lot) silly. I love the way kids belly laugh without a care, the way they look at their parents and if you've ever been photographed by me you know I love to capture your kids wrapped up in your arms as close as possible.

My hope is that you look at these images and they bring you joy. I hope they bring back memories of who your children were in that moment. I hope you see something in your family you might not have noticed before and I hope it inspires you to embrace your own beautiful chaos.

If you'd love to have your family photographed, please reach out here.

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